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Shocking true story. The BC government insisting that a private hospice participate in Euthanasia; then de-funding them and expropriating their facility and assets for declining to kill.

‘Legal’ euthanasia was introduced in Canada in 2016 with the passing of the MAiD (Medically Assistance in Dying) Act. This legislation was expanded to include persons with disabilities and chronic diseases with the passing of Bill C-7 in 2021.

Far from being a passive option for both health care facilities and patients, MAiD has been imposed by the Federal and Provincial governments with force on health care operations and has, in turn, been increasingly presented to patients as the preferred alternative to traditional health care, surgery and palliative care.

The result has been a massive increase in institutionalized euthanasia.

According to official government data, Canada euthanized over 10,000 people in 2021. That’s more than the entire US did in the same year, despite the fact that Canada’s population is 1/10 the size. Some insist that the numbers are even worse.

Enter the Delta Hospice Society. A grassroots community-funded operation dating back to 1992, Delta created a fully-accredited 10 bed hospice center and a 7500 sq ft supportive care center to compassionately serve and assist sick, disabled and dying Canadians.

Two years ago, the BC Government approached Delta and insisted they provide MAiD. When Delta respectfully declined, the BC Government literally stole Delta’s community-financed facilities and equipment and expelled Delta’s staff from their own buildings.

Watch this compelling Iron Will interview of Angelina Ireland, a Delta Hospice Society board member to hear what Delta Hospice Society has endured at the hands of the BC government and its many lackeys in local government. Listen to what Delta has had to do to survive and to continue providing this much-needed service to their community. Find out what you can do to help them and learn about Delta’s free DNE (Do Not Euthanize) legal forms that you can download and have ready should they be needed.

A compelling story of Canadian compassion, integrity, determination and courage in the face of government tyranny and criminality.

Iron Will Dealing Death: The Culling of Canadians

Information and Links for Newsletter – Delta Hospice

Delta Hospice Society Website: https://deltahospicesociety.org/

Delta Hospice Membership Page (Cost is just $10/yr): https://deltahospicesociety.org/membership/

Link to DNEs (Do Not Euthanize) forms (Specify province/territory):  https://deltahospicesociety.org/about-us/do-not-euthanize-dne-advance-directive/  

Link to Donations: https://deltahospicesociety.org/donate/

Here is the Ontario version of the Delta Societies "Do Not Euthanize" form.

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  1. A very difficult interview to hear. I agree with Katrina when we reigister our children with the government we are owned by them. I heard this around the turn of the twentieth century when births needed to be registered we were nothing but a number. Now we are looking at QR codes, every aspect of our lives being registered. We cannot comply with this and take our children and our lives back. One thing which was not mentioned once the child makes it into the world and avoid being mutilated, he or she will have to fight not being vaccinated.

  2. Dear Dr. Trozzi,
    Thank you for your courage and integrity. You should always include information about the harvesting of and sale of organs when you talk about state sponsored Euthanasia – I believe one of the motives to the killing of the sick is a profit motive.

  3. She is right – government has total control and we unknowingly gave it to them when we register the birth of our children (as our parents did). They own us from birth and we are their chattel. Most think I am crazy when I say this and a conspiracy theorist, but people really need to study some of the history. We are their slaves – they have become our master. This is why our children and our property, and everything else can be taken by them and we have nothing we can do about it. Until people learn the truth, we will lose more and more.

    1. People, majority have no idea about the truth. They have no time to learn. This is why they keep voting for idiots, crooks, grifters, tyrants, psychopatas and murderers. We should stop voting at all and instal anarchy. Democracy is dead.

    2. Yes Katrina you are correct! Out birth certificate did enslave us. It has come to the time when we need to stand up against them. It is time to just say NO & stand up for our god given rights. It is time to reject their coercion tactics! Most people do not realize that right after birth we were declared to have been lost at sea. They assumed that we are a vessel, whereas we in fact are sovereign beings with rights given by God – for he is the creator. They have been illegally trading our birth certificates. You see when we were born they put a bond on our birth certificates so that they could trade us – chattel. Very few people know this; however we will learn the truth soon & their game will be over. The truth will always come out!

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