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Please help end crimes-against-humanity, that are being carried out under the banner of "our health and well-being" by donating to Justice for Medicine today.

Please help end crimes-against-humanity, that are being carried out under the banner of "our health and well-being."

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Our Request

We need your help to fill the war chest needed to sustain the legal fight to stop the abuse of power by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Please help us end the crimes against humanity being carried out under the banner of our “health and well-being.” Visit  www.justiceformedicine.com and consider making an investment in the protection of your health and your fundamental freedoms.

Our Story

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) and its sister Colleges in other provinces have a duty to ensure that physicians maintain ethical, scientific and clinical standards. However, during the past three years, these Colleges have not only failed in their duty, but have violated the very standards they have a duty to uphold in medical ethics, human rights and scientific inquiry. As a result, many innocent people have been denied essential  care, coerced into taking harmful injections, and suffered or died needlessly. 

In particular, the Ontario College has weaponized its authority and become the province’s Covid agenda enforcement body, promoting a harmful campaign condoned by the government. In April 2021, the CPSO posted a series of Covid-19 “restrictions” on its website, which they enforced against every doctor in the province. No doctor was allowed to say anything that conflicted with the government’s Covid-19 policies and recommendations. Nor were they to provide medical exemptions from experimental Covid-19 genetic injections (“vaccines”), or prescribe safe and effective alternative treatments for Covid infections or “vaccine” injuries. The latter included a prohibition on utilizing ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, and other useful medications and natural supplements. Doctors who maintained their oaths and did not comply with the unlawful orders have been and continue to be “punished” by the CPSO.    

The persecution of these doctors has been relentless and ongoing. For instance, for the past two years, the College has been investigating and prosecuting Drs. Mark Trozzi, Crystal Luchkiw and Patrick Phillips. However, working with their lawyer Michael Alexander, they recently forced the College to admit that these “restrictions” are merely “recommendations,” which means they do not have the force of law. This was later confirmed in a decision rendered by the College’s Discipline Tribunal.

The College’s admission and the Tribunal’s ruling should have brought an end to the College’s prosecution of the many good doctors who did not follow these “recommendations.” Yet, the prosecutions have continued. Many doctors have already had their licences suspended and revoked through the College’s discipline process, thereby depriving tens of thousands of patients of medical care, and worsening the  severe physician shortage. As well, any physicians who have chosen to fight for their right to practise medicine honestly and ethically are being charged $10,000 a day by the CPSO just to have their cases heard.

Many good physicians have simply chosen not to fight based on the reasonable fear of the exorbitant cost of a hearing, and the potential loss of reputation and income. Imagine being stripped of your livelihood for doing the right thing, and then being handed a $200,000 legal bill to pay for the abuse. It is perverse!

Currently, Drs  Trozzi and  Luchkiw, with Alexander, are involved in a David and Goliath legal battle. The CPSO has deployed its 15-person legal team and unlimited staff and resources to prevent  the obvious from being proven: that the College is in the wrong, acting dishonorably and causing harm.

Dr. Luchkiw’s case has already been heard by the College Tribunal, with a decision pending; and she has also taken her case to the Ontario Court of Appeal to challenge the College’s prosecution. Dr. Trozzi is in the middle of a long hearing at the College, which concludes with legal submissions on July 17th and 18th.

The legal system is very flawed; but we are trying to use it to restore human rights and the rule of law. However, the  system does nothing for free. The truth is not enough; sadly it also takes a lot of money.

This battle for Ontario’s health and freedom is being waged on a shoestring budget, with Alexander, the doctors, and part-time personnel and volunteers working long hours to counter the CPSO juggernaut. This worthy effort has also been supported by a limited number of conscientious donors; however, we need more support to continue and succeed.   

Good doctors – the kind who put the interests of their patients first – have put everything on the line for their fellow Canadians. Please join us in helping to fill the war chest needed to defeat the CPSO and restore informed health care, the rule of law, and basic human rights, such as freedom of expression and bodily sovereignty.

Please help us finance, promote and advance this mission at: www.justiceformedicine.com

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