Dr. Mark Trozzi

World Council For Health Solidarity w/ Dr Trozzi & Canadians

The global community of the WCH  support all of our inalienable rights and the pursuit of health and happiness around the world. Unlike the WHO, we reject global monopoly power, but seek to protect each other’s sovereignty.

Here is a message from the legitimate global community to Ontario and Canadians on the current occasion of the CPSO hearings against: Dr Trozzi, legitimate medical science, and our medical rights and freedoms.


  1. There are schedule changes to the expert witnesses. Dr Paul Alexander’s testimony has been moved to Tuesday June 20th at 9 a.m.; to witness Dr Alexander’s testimony please email a request for a link to the CPSO vs Trozzi hearing for the day 20230620 to ([email protected]). Dr Peter McCullough’s testimony will be rescheduled to a new date to be announced soon.  
  2. There is a small error in the above video. Only 200 people managed to gain access to last weeks hearings (not 2000).
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  1. Dr Mark my thoughts and prayers are with you to be heard and to achieve change that the truth be known by all. Thank you for all you are doing. Mary Cloutier

  2. Dr. Trozzi and all others who are being persecuted for their high ethical values and morals and maintaining their oath of “Do no harm” – my prayers are with you daily. God bless each and every one of you. We shall overcome!

  3. Now that the hearing is deferred to the 11th & 12th of July, Technical Question on another level? The Public is asking: Did the College as per gratuitous objections to expertise last Friday 16Jun Hearing deliberately impede the presentation of expert expertise such as the scheduled availability of Dr Michael Alexander former US Government & Administration expert as well as Dr Peter McCullogh, most published Cardiologist on purpose in protection of Pharma Medical industry interests?

  4. Re: becoming a doctor.
    This profession is hard to understand. You go through years of schooling and years of training. Yet your work status rests in hands of bureaucrats. Without their ‘licence’ doctors cannot work, as if medical school diploma means nothing. Totally stupid and not observed when it comes to other professions.
    Keep fighting doctor, do not give up.

  5. Thank you Dr Mark Trozzi, I attended the OPSDT hearing on last Friday 16th June & I sent the following web connection request again this morning to receive the Hearing web-link for today. This request was sent successfully last Friday, but have still not heard back from them. Douglas Jack
    6:53 AM (1 hour ago)
    to [email protected]

    Please send me the Weblink to Dr Mark Trozzi’s Disciplinary Hearing.

    Dr Trozzi & his lawyer Michael Alexander his lawyer, will help the Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons correctly follow its Mission statement based on Patient-Physician relationship of intimate-knowing Cultural Fractal primacy & confidentiality. Dr. Trozzi & his lawyer Michael Alexander will help restore OCPS independence from its present Pharma-Med industrial $$$ capture, which seriously violates its Professional & Public Duty.

    All public bodies must be seen & exhibit fidelity to their number one physician-patient relationship, independent from all $$$ influence perversions by Pharma-Med & other industrial influences, OCPST & OPSDT must adhere to its mission statement in order to restore a badly tattered public confidence in the Medical Profession.

    Sincerely yours as a concerned Canadian citizen & President of Indigene Community 1983 & the Sustainable Development Association 1994,

    Douglas Jack 514-365-9594 [email protected] & [email protected]

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