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The Great Freeset, and The Better Way

Drugs, Food, AI, Transhumanism, Electrosmog, Climate Change, Thought Control, Health Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Abundance: these were all subjects tackled at the 2023 Better Way Conference. Here on the sidelines as the conference opened, Dr Lawrie speaks about the current goals of The World Council For Health and the evolution of our mission; it began with the advocacy for Covid early treatments and has expanded to counteract the entire Great Reset agenda, and the enslavement of mankind. 11 minutes.

Thanks to Veronika Krylenko and The New American for this conversation which took place at the Better Way Conference in Bath, U.K. organized by the World Council for Health on June 2-4.

The complete video library of the 3 day Better Way Conference is available and very affordable here.

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  1. 5G technology plays a huge role in the planned future. Visit ‘Parents and Concerned Citizens Against 5G’ for information and ‘layman’s terms’ correspondences that can be widely utilized. https://parentsandconcernedcitizensagainst5g.wordpress.com/ Pracitcal actions are required.
    From the 18 page 5G letter sent to all MPs:: ‘The future… the end of the human era?’ – ‘The 5G future is just one of many possible futures the minds of humans could innovate. It has been devised by an unrepresentative, extremely small minority of individuals who are now foisting it upon the entire world. The future they’ve set out to create amounts to a full-scale aberration that is underpinned by their own, not humanity’s, interests and it is glaringly obvious, under even the slightest scrutiny, that the risks posed by this 5G future astronomically outweigh the benefits.’

    Obviously, this unrepresentative few, this elite fraction of humanity, receive phenomenally large amounts of funding.’

  2. Unfortunately great majority of population in so called ‘western countries’ (UK, USA, NZ, Australia, Canada, selected EU nations) are either fully brainwashed, or have no idea what is going on and what is coming. I often ask people about man made climate change, and they BELIEVE in it. When asked why, they respond quoting 97% scientists consensus !

  3. Thank you for this info, especially the explanation about the contents of the injection, SV40, DNA etc and for your bravery taking on Goliath. Years ago, I read Dr Mary’s Monkey re the development of the Salk Vaccine and SV40 was in it and then administered to milllions.(I assume you know this). Dr Mary Sherman was the brilliant researcher. I refuse to use the word contamination with the vaccine, which implies It was not purposeful. I recall when it was released. In 1976, I lived close to CDC in Atlanta. The swine flu debacle with 50 dead resulted in CDC’s administrator, Dr David Sencer, leaving in disgrace in the wake of around 50 dead. Compare that with today. Only Fifty dead would be a failure for the Controllers. I believe there was a spate of soft tissue cancers in the 1980s probably resulting from the Salk Polio Vaccine. I am a naturalist so don’t partake. I listened to Yuval Harrari of WEF and he would like to play God and redo all life. That would include elimination of Homo sapiens and replacement with Homo deus. They really desire to play God and replace Nature with their design. What could possibly go wrong!

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