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WEF Klaus Schwab 2016 Planned brain Chips by 2026

These crazy arch-criminals are serious!

If anyone thinks that some of us have over-reacted, by risking everything we have, and working around the clock, fighting a perceived war that threatens all of us and future generations; here is 2 minutes in 2016 from Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, the puppet master of Trudeau, Freeland and many like them, and the architect of “The Great Reset” that they are currently imposing globally. These people are crazy but also very rich and serious!

On June 2 2022, I will be co-hosting an international panel of experts to rethink and redirect our future away from trans-humanism and digital enslavement. The event is sold out, but virtual attendance is very affordable and we enocurage viewing parties where all your friends watch for the price of one.

For details about the entire June 2 – 4 Better Way Conference including three global experts panels that I am co-hosting. Virtual tickets are still available, very affordable, and give immediate access to playback, so it can suit you and your groups schedules.

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  1. Watched the premiere of Plandemic 3 The Great Awakening. Excellent movie — millions watched it world wide. Everyone should see this…

  2. I understand your points, Ian, tell me where all the resistance people are because there are many who are against all of this but how and where do we ALL connect to unite as one?

  3. à bon entendeur salut!

    For those who have bought Wearables, Clown Schwab is saying clearly that they’re just the first step!!!

    1. I’ve also heard this discourse from Nokia’s CEO who expects embeddable smartphones by 2030.

  4. Hi Mark.

    We all have a pretty good idea of the evil colossus we are fighting against. We do not need more information to convince us who our enemy is. What we need is to bring our resistance groups together to fight as one, with a common vision and direction, against the evil. That is NOT happening – at all!

    The problem is our resistance groups have ZERO unity. Sure, we have individual scientists, doctors, lawyers and a few other professionals that spend most of their time talking. But they are not building unity. We know that because they have very little support from the rank-and-file of the resistance.

    To keep this short and clear, in Canada, we will see REAL unity when leaders in the resistance movement can mobilize, at a minimum, hundreds of thousands of our rank-and-file in the resistance movement to engage in cooperative and strategic action – across the country at the same time. The Ottawa freedom convoy hints at the collective action our resistance movement MUST be able to generate and sustain. That is the only way out of this tyranny and anything less is guaranteed to fail. We must build a national and global alliance that operates like a business or army. It is all about organizing and mobilizing large scale numbers; no numbers, no results!

    The resistance is NOT uniting our rank-and-file. Our ‘leaders’ in the resistance do NOT have the support and engagement of our rank-and-file and that is why all our initiatives in the resistance have failed to date. For example, this was well illustrated in the National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) and why the NCI report will most likely be ignored and amount to nothing.

    I expect this will be considered heresy. But our lack results from the resistance to the onslaught of Technocracy and Transhumanism speaks for itself.

    Ian Bell

  5. Thanks for all that you are doing. I assume that you are aware of the group Stand4Thee that are touring Canada .Are you able to promote them through your website? I know that you have a lot of followers so it might help their cause. I share your emails daily to as many as I have email addresses for. Take Care, Bev

    1. Aren’t they the anti-abortion religious zealots? They’ve been doing great work on Covidiocy but I no longer donate to them because of their abortion stance.

  6. Brain chips are not Schwab’s idea.
    Neuralink is a neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk that’s building an implantable, brain-computer interface capable of translating thought into action. Launched in 2016, the private venture claims its neural device will allow people with paraplegia to regain movement and restore vision to those born blind.

    1. No, he is not the inventor; however, he is certainly wanting it to be part of the ‘great reset’ – the whole Covid scam has been many years in the making. Interesting that the inventor of the PCR died so suddenly (of cancer) when he challenged Fauci. The group that we have all come to know so well (Schwab, Facui, Gates, Rockefellers, Rotchilds) have been anxiously awaiting this moment in history. I just pray that it’s not too late for Canada because Trudeau is not one of the sharpest tools in the shed, so he is very easily manipulated.

      1. Sorry, my point about the PCR is that everyone around the world has had a cold or flu bug at one time or another – so a coronovirus was the perfect choice since these viruses are so common and the magnification was so high – they were bound to find you had Covid!!!!

      2. Trudeau is a much sharper tool than he gets credit for. If there is a predator or a Brutus or a Felix Steiner in his midst, he has a knack for making a swift and blindingly shining example of them. For proof, take a look at Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott on the one hand, and Karina Gould and Jennifer O’Connell on the other.

    2. What they claim and what the reality is those are two different things Wojciech. Nobody has any idea what consciousness is, or I should say, where it is. Until they figure it out, Schwab or others can keep telling people fairy-tales and make them pay big $$$ to watch them lie to them in person at Davos…
      I have come across people with only 10% of the funtional brain or half of the brain removed (hemispherectomy) and yet they are fully functional people who didn’t lose their consciousness or memories. Where are they located? Quantum mechanics provides us with a hint… 😉

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