The Coolest Possible Person Running for President

RFK Jr competes with the demented little-girl-sniffer who staggers around making incomprehensible sounds.

Check this out. Republicans vs Democrats is just the old “divide and conquer” scam: nonsense and distraction: different puppets, same puppeteers; but a good man, is a wonderful!

The Demented Child Sniffer:


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  1. A core group of 18 House Reps from both major Parties recently gave a Press Conference. They are calling themselves “The Sovereignty Coalition” and they are supporting Bill HR 79 – The Exit The Who Bill. They have given short speeches and these can be viewed on James Roguski’s Substack –
    The Main Page for The Sovereignty Coalition is here – There is an option for Foreign Supporters to sign their Declaration to Get Out of The WHO, at the bottom of their Main Page. There is lots of WHO info. on the James Roguski Substack Archives.


  2. It is so hard to tell! According to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, also running for President, the Kennedy family are corrupt. His videos are on Rumble. What to believe….

  3. I am confused how honourable Kennedy is… This is what I read on Dr Peter Breggin: Titled:Robert Kennedy, Steve Kirsch, and Robert Malone – What’s is this all About?
    “I have historically worked with people who have been truly Deep State intelligence community”… Robert W Malone MD, and then see further article. I personally wish I could see the Light through all this. As I am not sure who is fooling who?

  4. Ah no. Kennedy has ties that go back 20 years were he collaborated as the lead lawyer with a multitude of corporate entities that have deep connections and take active oarts in the Reset and ESG initiatives for fun and profit. This besides his deep belief in the global warming scam, once saying all “deniers’ should be incarcerated. There seems to be a whole stable of these “hope and change’ candidates that get their past storyline in order before appearing on the scene to lead us all blindly to what the pyramid cap is planning to do to us.

    1. First part of your comment is baseless.

      As for climate, I tend to agree. He uses ‘carbon’ as euphemism for CO2 and believes that it is the reason for climate change and pollution.
      Here is his statement he often presents at CHD’s comments section:

      “I’ve spent 40 years fighting to stop the oil and coal titans from contaminating our water, our air and our children with toxins, arsenic, benzene, PAHs, the mercury that has poisoned every freshwater fish in America — AND the carbon which now poses an existential threat to our planet.

      I have litigated these issues for almost four decades. I know the science backward and forward. It is ironic to me that activists awake to Pharma’s corruption and greed still remain blind when it comes to Carbon’s. Predatory industries employ the same playbook. Pharma convinces the public that the autism epidemic is an illusion. Big Tobacco swears smoking doesn’t cause cancer. Monsanto convinces us that glyphosate is harmless. Similarly, Big Oil and King Coal go to great lengths to persuade us that carbon doesn’t heat the planet.

      They all capture regulators, tame reporters and corrupt lawmakers to subvert democracy. They use the same phony tobacco scientists and mercenary biostitutes to gin up fraudulent studies that sow doubt and give political cover to their corrupt politicians.

      In the 1970s, Exxon employed the world’s most brilliant carbon scientists to understand oil production. The company prided itself on knowing more about the fate of the carbon molecule than anyone on Earth. Internal documents show that those scientists warned Exxon that business as usual would melt the Poles, cause sea levels to rise and trigger cataclysmic climate change.

      Rather than changing its business model, Exxon and its Carbon Cronies invested half a billion dollars in a four-decade campaign of lies and deception to gull the public. Their campaign was abetted by their deep-state allies, the intelligence apparatus, the military-industrial complex, and the MSM, which took cues from its oil and automobile advertisers. This cartel engineered a suicide pact for humanity and the planet. They are the apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed.”

      He is against the war, and toxic jabs though.
      “Two out of three is not bad” as per Meatloaf song. 😉

    2. Thank you, as I was/am confused about all this. It started with questioning the integrity of Dr. Malone. Now I am even more puzzled about Kennedy and starting to wonder if I am wasting my time listening to even this one, just now posted on Dr Trozzi. (see link on Dr. Peter Breggin)

  5. American insane military, politruks and medical officials build labs everywhere not only in Ukraine.

    And here is American, Resilience National corporation that has been established in Mississauga not long time ago. They deal with live viruses, viral vectors and other components (including infectivity and potency assays) to enable more efficient, effective vaccine development.

    When I contacted Mayor’s office about it, I was stonewalled. I e-mailed them CHD article about this ugly company..still no response.

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