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National Citizens Inquiry Victim Testimonies Collection

Table of Contents

Evelyne Therrien Shares Her Experience With Vaccine Injury | Quebec City Day Two | NCI

Marylaine Describes The Inhumane Measures During The Loss Of Her Husband | Quebec City Day Two | NCI

Lynette Tremblay shares her heart-wrenching experience during lockdowns | Quebec City Day Two | NCI

Carole Avoine Shares Her Vaccine Injury Story | Quebec City Day Two | NCI

Josée Belleville: Victim of Vaccine Mandates and Discrimination in the Military | Quebec City Day One | NCI

Caroline Foucalt Shares Her Vaccine Injury Story | Quebec City Day One | NCI

Mélissa Sansfaçon Shares Her Vaccine Injury Story: Extreme sensitivity and pain on right side of body | Quebec City Day One | NCI

Pharmacist Camille Mitchell's Testimony on Vaccine Mandates in Healthcare | Vancouver Day Three | NCI

Shaun Mulldoon's Experience with Severe Vaccine Injury | Vancouver Day 3 | NCI

Coastguard Rescue Specialist Paul Hollyoak: A Coast Guard Rescue Specialist's Vaccine Injury | Vancouver Day 3 | NCI

Wayne Llewellyn's Struggle Against Vaccine Mandates | Vancouver Day 3 | NCI

Zoran Boskovic Experience of Losing Job due to Vaccine Mandate | Vancouver Day 3 | NCI

Kristen Ditzel Gives Testimony On Her Vaccine Adverse Event | Vancouver Day Three | NCI

Patricia Leidl Shares Her Severe Vaccine Injury | Vancouver Day 3 | NCI

Veteran Nurse Lisa Bernard's testimony on vaccine injury and the impact of lockdowns on patient care and mental health | Vancouver Day 2 | NCI

James Jones The Tragic Consequences of Vaccine Mandate and Workplace Bullying | Vancouver Day 2 | NCI

Caroline Hennig's Emotional Testimony on the Devastating Impact of Lockdowns on Her Father's Cancer Battle | Vancouver Day 2 | NCI

Serena Steven: A Nurse's Testimony on Vaccine-Related Injuries | Vancouver Day 1 | NCI

BC Public Service Employee Phillip Davidson's Testimony on Job Loss Due to Vaccine Mandate | Vancouver Day 1 | NCI

Vanessa Rocchio's Testimony on COVID-19 Vaccine Injury and Cardiac Damage | Vancouver Day 1 | NCI

Jennifer Curry's Severe Vaccine Injury | Red Deer Day Three | NCI

Job Loss and Medical History: Darcy Hasch's Testimony on Vaccine Hesitancy and Employment | Red Deer Day 3 | NCI

Suzanne Brauti's Story of Job Loss Due to Denied Religious Exemption Request | Red Deer Day 3 | NCI

Grace Neustaedter Early Retirement: A Nurse's Testimony on Vaccine Pressure in the Workplace | Red Deer Day 3 | NCI

Judy Soroka's Struggle with Vaccine Mandate and Medical Treatment | Day 1 Red Deer | NCI

The Devastating Impact of Lockdowns: Tracy's Story | Red Deer Day 1 | National citizens Inquiry

Tami Desrosiers financial and medical hardships from covid injection

Kirk Desrosiers injection injury extreme blood clotting in lungs

Teacher Katrina Burns describes disastrous effects on children

Martha Voth husband ventilated without permission

Josephine Fillier gaslit by her doctor

Tobias Tissen church services crushed by COVID lockdowns

Janessa Blaulvelt on hostile public attitude towards uninjected

Scott Spidle horrifying story of covid hospital neglect

Jason MacVicar´s ministry destroyed by covid divisions

Joe Behar despaired by thought of fleeing Canada

Bliss Behar dropped out of school to avoid hatred towards uninjected

Elizabeth Cummings emotional injection vicitm testimony

Peter Van Caulert shares regrets after denied access to dying mother

Terry LaChappelle faces no jab no job ultimatum

Paula Doiron health care practitioner injection victim

Darrell Shelley denied chance to say goodbye to his dying mother

Leigh-Anne Coolen´s Story

Dan Hartman loses his son to the injection #answers4Sean

Artur Anselm young father suffers myocarditis from the injection

Drue´s injection injury story

Chet Chisolm suffers PTSD from covid measures

Vonnie Allen ripped away from her nursing career

Noe engineering student and athlete forced to study online

Doug denied access to his newborn grandson

Patrycea discusses family destruction during covid-19 era

Sherri on the carrot and stick methods of covid tyranny

Nathan describes how covid mandates affected his children

Jennifer discusses the social devastation on her family and child

Harold explains the strain of covid restrictions on his family

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One comment

  1. mass formation psychosis
    definition of paranoia from which I am now suffering – Our government is trying to kill me
    I hate the world. Canada is braindead and captured by WEF WHO propaganda, Big Pharma, medical systems, fake media, government overreach and being force injected with mRNA bio-weapons without informed consent to depopulation genocide.
    this is what makes me sick.
    SARS-Cov2 is not scientifically isolated, nor proven to exist as they say it is. Covid-19 is a blatant lie, and everyone associated with the plandemic deserves to die a horrible death by injection from their own poison.
    I rest my anxiety.
    We trust no institutions and permit no so called authorities to act our our behalf. I, a man, Luc
    See gov canada website to begin to unpack the lies we have been told

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