🎵 The 12 Lies of Covid song 🎵

A Musical Gift from the Justice-for-the-Vaccinated Choir Here is a fun Christmas classic remake, from Dr Charles Hoffe, Dr Stephen Malthouse, and our other friends in the Justice for the Vaccinated team. Merry Christmas! Christmas Carols matter. Here is Dr Francis Christian’s latest substack on the subject. Please help support covid “vaccine” injured persons.

Historical Dictators Who Identified As Doctors

Dr Guirguis enlightening speech from a December 9, 2022 Adam Skelly Fundraiser in Toronto. I was very happy to attend this event. Dr Emad Guirguis, Dr Chris Shoemaker, Dr Paul Alexander and myself all spoke. Here is the first video from the event. The others will follow over the week(s) ahead. Dr Guirguis bolstered our… Continue reading Historical Dictators Who Identified As Doctors