CPSO Lawlessness in Ontario

Michael Alexander JD and myself with Tamara Ugolini on Rebel News

In Ontario, under CEO Dr Nancy Whitmore, the CPSO is unlawfully denying citizens’ access to:  honest doctors’ insights or opinions; exemptions to dangerous coerced genetic injections; or safe and effective treatments for covid and covid-“vaccine” injuries.

The CPSO has been unchallenged for their abuse of authority for many decades. This has allowed the problem to grow to the extreme level of corruption that we now experience.

In this 17 minute interview attorney Michael Alexander explains the legal situation; and our current strategy to rein in this rogue medical regulator, and return human rights and the rule of law to Ontario. I discuss the conflict faced by physicians: choosing between their old stable careers and income, verses their morals, oaths, and duty.

“Either way the good doctors did not come this far to just suddenly submit to a criminal campaign.”

Thanks Tamara Ugolini and Rebel News for this interview.

Here is the Rebel News post which includes some great links in the write up.