The WHO is a Neo-Colonialist Weapon

The WHO was founded to end fascism and colonialism; but now is a weapon of global predators used against humanity.

This post is inspired by Dr David Bell’s October 10th, 2022 presentation to the General Assembly of the World Council for Health. It was titled Plandemic Preparedness: Global Health In An Age Of Colonialism. Here are my brief highlights and insights from Dr Bell’s presentation:

Here is Dr David Bell's excellent full 40 minute presentation:

Dr David Bell. Plandemic Preparedness: Global Health In An Age Of Colonialism

Dr Bell’s presentation starts at 5:40 and ends at 46:40.

With lots of interesting historic details, Dr Bell explains that the WHO was founded to end and prevent colonialist abuse and oppression of people, yet over the last two decades it has morphed into a weapon by which new colonialists abuse, tax, and oppress the masses.  

He describes how private companies and individuals including Bill Gates have taken control of the WHO, and changed it from a shield protecting us and our rights, into a weapon used against us.  

Dr Bell also discusses why the professional staff within guilty organizations, go along with the crimes.

Lastly he shared what we must do, to reverse our current global decent into colonialism, genocide, and slavery.