Dr Chris Shoemaker: “They have blood on their hands”

For blocking ivermectin, persecuting good doctors, pushing the covid-injections, and covering up the carnage. Dr Shoemaker wastes no time in organizing the harsh realities. “Somebody at the top has it in for society. Society, stop taking the shots!” Today Saturday Sept 3, 2022 is the last day of Dr Shoemaker’s ten day vigilĀ at Nathan Phillip’s… Continue reading Dr Chris Shoemaker: “They have blood on their hands”

The Truth about Ivermectin

It can cure covid, save lives, support immunity, block the business of the deadly “vaccines”, and even help treat their toxic effects; but the global predators have a different plan. The war against ivermectin is a war against you and I. That war against us is being waged by the pathetic billionares of big pharma,… Continue reading The Truth about Ivermectin