Jana Christopherson

The criminal covid enterprise with their highly effective and sinister propaganda campaign have taken many lives. Well meaning Jana Christopherson believed thoroughly that the injections were vaccines and that they would save the world if we would all just get injected. December 3 , 2021 August 1, 2022 Link: https://www.aaronsmortuary.com/obituaries/jana-christopherson-1 Our condolences and prayers go… Continue reading Jana Christopherson

CPSO creating and “solving” the doctor shortage

Let’s have a look at the solution presented Dr Whitmore and the CPSO, as well as my brief analysis and suggestions. Read the original letter: Here the August 19, 2022 letter emailed from Dr Nancy Whitmore CEO of the CPSO, to all Ontario Physcians: https://drtrozzi.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Letter-from-Nancy-Whitmore-regarding-shortage-of-doctors.pdf Here is the Ontario Government’s Five Point Plan which Dr… Continue reading CPSO creating and “solving” the doctor shortage