Dr Ryan Cole | Lipid nanoparticle + a gene is a nuclear bomb

Exceptional Dr Ryan Cole interview

Here is an exceptional truth-packed 20 minute interview with Dr Ryan Cole, from Bright Light News. The covid injections produce no benefit. They are extremely dangerous and leave many people dead or injured, with more to follow. The injections are criminally administered by some of the most ruthless and untrustworthy people in the world.

Persecuting honest doctors, arresting freedom loving truckers, and censoring truth tellers does not change the facts. The covid injection campaigns are a violent crime. Dr Cole is one of the world’s most knowledgeable doctors on this subject. He does a great job explaining the up to date science in terms we can all understand.

Thank you Bright Light News

Here is a brief article regarding the quote (left) referred to in the Dr Cole Bright Light News interview. Please visit Bright Light News for exceptional real journalism, and support their valiant commitment to delivering the truth and saving lives.

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