Canada’s Dr Shoemaker Explains Covid Truths Clearly

Ivermectin works but is banned; the "vaccines" don't work but are forced.

Dr Shoemaker has done his homework. He is very well informed on the subject of covid and the forced injections. He is clear and easy to understand. I think this short interview can serve to help good people confused about covid and the injections.

He also presents some significant updates for those who are already well studied on the subject.  This includes that the first children 10-14 years old in the UK who were injected, developed a death rate 52 times higher than their non-injected peers! That is information that was buried, while the injections continued being pushed on the kids.

We are honored to help get Dr Shoemaker’s message to the people; and we thank him for his courage and integrity.

Thanks Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson for providing this interview with Dr Shoemaker.