Marco Albertazi | A Summary of the Costa Rican perspective

New Costa Rican president Rodrigo Chaves ends covid mandates

The criminal covid agenda has been very similar around the world. This reflects the central planning of the abusive agenda.

The Movement for Health and Freedom is a Costa Rica group of citizens and experts including doctors, scientists, pharmacists, public health experts, lawyers, nurses, psychologists and more. In Spanish, the organization’s name is El Movimiento por la Salud la Libertad.

They defend the life, health, rights, and freedoms of Costa Ricans while standing against abuses, restrictions and government impositions. Thanks in part to their good work, the Costa Rican people have elected a new president Rodrigo Chaveswho not a WEF puppet. Chaves immediately lifted the muzzle-mandates, and ended forced injections. Thank You President Chaves!

El presidente Rodrigo Chaves elimina la obligatoriedad de la vacuna y ...
Rodrigo Chaves President of Costa Rica

El Movimiento por La Salud La Liberdad, is a member organization of the World Council for Health. Here is their April 11, 2022 presentation by founding member Marco Albertazi to the WCH General Assembly.

“What a brilliant summary of how governments have systematically harmed the health and well being of people around the world – thank you Marco. We will help you remind them that Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any nation can have. (Winston Churchill) and reclaim our health, rights and freedom.” – Dr Tess Lawrie WCH Co-founder and Steering Committee Member

Marco Albertazi speaks at the WCH General Assembly

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