Dr Paul Alexander exposes criminality of Gov, Pfizer and FDA

Introduction by Dr Mark Trozzi

Do you recall the US FDA wanting to take 55 years to release the documents relating to their approval of the Pfizer experimental “vaccine”, despite taking only 108 days to review these documents and provide emergency use authorization of these now nefarious injections.  Thanks to PHMPT (Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency) for pursuing this issue and suing the FDA; a US federal judge ordered the release of the documents to the public over 8 months rather than 55 years.

Here are more details about the Release of Pfizer Documents.

The fourth and most recent batch of documents released, though heavily redacted like the others, reveal that Pfizer, the FDA, and other governments knew about the robust natural immunity conferred by prior infection.

More shocking is the revelation that Pfizer, the FDA, and similarly governments around the world who approved these dangerous injections, knew that there was immediate suppression of injected persons’ immune systems that resulted in an increased risk of infection over the week following injection. Not only did the FDA and other governments keep this knowledge secret, they created fraudulent systems whereby people were not officially designated as “vaccinated” until 15 days after the injections. This means that their immune systems were knowingly suppressed and this caused increased covid disease and death in the injection victims; but this was covered up by labeling and counting them as “unvaccinated” during this initial injection induced period of suppressed immunity.

The murderous implications of this, justify the righteous tirade of Dr Paul Alexander, PhD in his new article that follows:

Article By Dr Paul Alexander

Pfizer's very own study showed those prior infected were protected from severe disease aka NATURAL immunity (with or without evidence of prior infection); these beasts at Pfizer knew about natural immunity

Pfizer also knew that the vaccine was increasing the chance of infection within 7 days post vaccine, Bourla knew, Fauci knew, Francis Collins knew, Walensky knew, these crooks...they all lied!
Dr Paul Alexander, PhD

Is this negligent homicide?

If these beasts at the pharma, Pfizer and Moderna etc. were given liability protection (PREP… PREP Act Immunity from Liability for COVID-19 Vaccinatorsby Alex Azar early 2020, did they not breach the terms of the agreement to report adverse events etc.? Does this not negate or moot the liability protection and allow us to strip these CEO’s and scientists and companies of everything? and imprison many?

These beasts have risked the lives of our police and military who I fear many will be harmed and may die in short, medium, and long course. I plan to tell you why in a next post.

But let us focus on the subject at hand today. New Pfizer document dump…the 2nd…huge enormous consequences!

First, Phil Kerpen is smart, I don’t always agree with his views but he is wicked smart. I like his balance here. I like lots of what he says.

Pfizer reference we are talking about. I did not wish to talk about FOX for to me FOX is the same as CNN, but Tucker and Laura do a great job, still. Praise to her here.

They knew there was transient immune suppression. The white blood cells were suppressed for 7 days after the shot and got COVID right away and many got very ill and died…yes, there was real NEGATIVE EFFICACY and the injection was causing people to get infected and get very ill and die…

they lied, they all lied, CDC, NIH, NIAID, Pfizer etc. and Moderna all lied…all these public health officials, our governments whom we trusted, lied and must be held to account legally. We cannot let them out of our grasp in a courtroom. These CDC and NIH beasts and doctors/clinicians who got money for doing this complicit corruption, who lied to their patients, did not tell people who got the vax to stay home and isolate, for their immune system was suppressed and at risk, no no no, so they must be held to account and be jailed if this is true….you NEVER warned anyone to be careful and stay away for 2 weeks as the immune system was suppressed and low….to tell us would have admitted that there was a real issue and you were at risk due to the vaccine as you take the shot…a huge issue…as Risch would say, a ‘non-zero’ issue….

they suffered us, these beasts in our governments, these illogical, irrational, absurd, nonsensical technocrats and lockdown lunatics! these television medical experts, forever preening and talking pure utter nonsense and tripe on COVID. drivel. locked children away for 2 years in windowless rooms even (Quebec)…my view, jail them all! this was no simple slip, wanted to obfuscate for 75 years and hide the data, these are criminals IMO. Is this negligent homicide? or similar? my friend Doug seems to think and I think.

They the CDC and NIH etc. changed the definition of being fully inoculated to the 15th day post shots, these beasts, these criminals…why did they do this? so that the infections and deaths would not be counted and would be accrued as if in the ‘UNVACCINATED’ so Walensky the liar could go out and say its a pandemic of the unvaccinated when she knew she was lying…she knew they were placing the harms and deaths in the unvaccinated to make the vaccinated data look good when they knew the vaccine was ineffective with negative efficacy and harmful. they all were, these crooks…. doctors and scientists and especially those at McMaster U in the evidence-based medicine world (EBM) should hang their heads in shame as they continue to be complicit in a mass corruption to shill vaccines and still trying to deny the effectiveness of early treatment by putting out bogus sub-optimal methods studies…EBM died and they the EBMers killed it…they killed their own field…in want of fame, grant money, keeping their salaries….shameful…all for money…they are whores, money whores, sold out their patients and the public for money. The field of medicine, clinical medicine, is dead. No respect for these people. None.

It is indeed scandalous because CEO Albert Bourla of Pfizer (Bancel of Moderna), FDA, CDC, NIH and FDA, yes the FDA, Hahn et al, must have known this, yet these corrupted people put the data out in a way to lie and mislead policy makers and the public who only sought the truth. They re-arranged the definition of ‘vaccinated’ to accomplish this. These crooks.

More adverse effects and harms for the younger? Duh…yes, we have seen the CVST, we have seen the fatal myocarditis…

I want proper legal inquiries and strip all their money if proven and it looks so based on their own documents and IMO, put many in jail for this malfeasance.

I challenge them, come as a group, bring the entire CDC, NIH, bring Bourla of Pfsier and Bancel, and debate me, talk to me, talk to McCullough, talk to Risch, talk to Trozzi, talk to Bridle, talk to Malone, talk to Oskoui (he said what we are learning now in June 2020 Ingraham Angle about the vaccine and the data, prescient, brilliant), talk to Tenenbaum, talk to Vanden Bossche, yes, come talk to me….anyplace and time, bring all you wish, come talk Theresa Tam and Howard Njoo of Canada’s PHAC and Health Canada, tell us how you made these COVID and vaccine decisions when what we see in the Pfizer document dumps you were hoping would be hidden for 75 years, is that you people are a bunch of either illogical inept incompetent, academically sloppy people, or highly malfeasant. I lean to the latter.

Pfizer gross lies, criminal IMO

Breaking: Recently Unredacted Documents Prove Pfizer & FDA Knew Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Occurring in Vaccinated

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