“Resilient” | Music video by Rising Appalachia

Thanks to my friend and hero Dr Maria Hubmer Mogg for sending me this sweet uplifting song.

Trudeau admits to “attacking your fundamental rights”

“Regardless of the fact that we are attacking your fundamental rights, or limiting your fundamental rights, and the Charter says that’s wrong, we’re still gonna go ahead and do it” Why is this creep not in jail? Failed state? Crisis of legitimacy?

769 athletes collapsed in the past year

Who says the injections are not working? Sure they are not stopping infection or transmission of covid. However, they are destroying immune systems, stimulating the evolution of new variants, and setting records for death by injection. If it weren’t for these forced injections, Omicron would be almost harmless and a great way to build immunity. Recent… Continue reading 769 athletes collapsed in the past year