La Quinta Columna | “They have marked you like animals”

La Quinta Columna (The Fifth Column) is a group that has researched and published extensively on nanotechnology in the forced injections and 5G. Here is a two minute video in which they present a simple experiment, utilizing a smart phone, to test for radio-signaling from nanotech devices within any of us who were deceived and coerced… Continue reading La Quinta Columna | “They have marked you like animals”

Yuval Noah Harari | Dystopian surveillance “now possible”

Here Yuval Noah Harari, the Lead Advisor to Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum) describes how technology now exists such that a dystopian surveillance state is “now possible”.

Dr. Zev Zelenko exposes the globalist transhumanist agenda

The above interview in its entirety: Dr. Zev Zelenko Exposes the Globalists’ Transhumanist Agenda. This interview is just under 1 hour 40 minutes long.

Dr. Zelenko on Biden, Fauci and Gates

In this 6 minute snippet, Dr. Zelenko shares his thoughts on president-select Joe Biden, including who pulls his puppet strings. He goes on to discuss Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Bill Gates. This snippet is from the full 1 hour 40 minute interview between Dr. Zelenko and Jamie Glazov.

Dr Zev Zelenko | Tyrants & Merchants of Death

Dr Zev Zelenko on tyrants, death merchants and enemies of humanity; this conversation features  Castro-Trudeau, Freeland, Gates, and Fauci. See clearly the big picture, and insights for our way forward.

Dr Zelenko | Easy to understand and agenda free intelligence

Big picture insights rooted in detailed research and knowledge Since the launch of covid-19, misinformation and confusion abound. WEF and WHO meat-puppets fill the air with lies and propaganda. Lesser minions contaminate positions of authority and police a global game of “Simon-Says” reducing many to a pathetic state of  compliance with nonsense. In contrast, Dr… Continue reading Dr Zelenko | Easy to understand and agenda free intelligence