David Charalambous | How to transcend the public psychosis

Insights and Solutions to end mass psychosis.

The past two years have truly been bizarre. Our society has devolved into a freak show of germaphobes standing six feet apart with diapers on their face and nanoparticles in their blood.  

Large portions of the population believes things that are completely false. They are trapped in behaviour patterns that are destructive both personally and socially.

To return our society to a sane and healthy state, we need solutions. How do we fix the psychological mass vandalism that has been inflicted on humanity by the covid criminals? How do we free people from psychological slavery?

David Charalambous is an expert in behavioral psychology. He has profound insights and practical solutions for helping people out of the fearful illogical covid trance.

Here is David’s great February 21st presentation to the World Council for Health. His insights are simple, and his solutions are practical.  

I think this will empower you, as it did me, to be more effective and less frustrated in our work to awaken and free others.

For more information, resources, and courses with David Charalambous visit www.reachingpeople.net

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