Epigenetics, Justice, and a unique anonymous tirade

54 second call for justice + great anonymous tirade + an inspirational paradigm shift from the father of epigenetics.

  1. US Attorney Thomas Lenz strong brief admonishment that we must not be distracted by the latest fear-porn and lying of the MSM. Instead we need to ensure the prosecution of the criminal covid enterprise. If we do not, they will commit similar and worse atrocities against us next. Thomas Lenz has worked extensively on the covid scandal; you can learn more about his work or reach him here:www.renz-law.com

U.S. Attorney Thomas Lenz relates the danger of not criminally prosecuting the perpetrators of the covid crimes against humanity.

A well informed tirade from a smart and fun anonymous author.

  1. This writer’s knowledge of science, politics, history, and humor, combined with justified disgust at corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and fake news outlets; makes for fast, fun, informative reading.

Good morning pig headed politicrats and mass vax pushing medics (you know who you are)

I hate to say we told you so!!

As the drums of world war beat louder each day…..

As we move into the next phase of the globalist led destruction of the old world order….

As we watch the corrupt governments of the west switch the narrative from Covid to Russia, based on a situation deliberately manufactured through proxy provocation using WEF puppet leaders in Ukraine.

As we listen daily to the lies of the western media being exposed (particularly around US funded Ukrainian bio labs) have we remembered nothing of what Bill Gates said about the next pandemic


If Gates is predicting it, we should be listening

Pssssst! ���They’re not predictions, they’re plans

The only saving grace is that the Davos elite orchestrators of global events (Soros, Gates, Schwab, Buffett etc etc) are not going to initiate anything to risk their own lives.

Whatever is coming will be an exaggerated threat to force the people of western democratic nations to bend to the will of globalisation, digitalisation and top down state control.

Before the west is completely engulfed in Russia/Ukraine legacy media propaganda, we must not forget or ignore the rapidly emerging harms being caused by the mass vaccination policies. Many of the political class and corrupt or completely misguided doctors and scientists pushed for blanket coverage of an experimental drug.

We are now beginning to witness the harms these toxic injections are causing.

We must hold those accountable who pushed for the mass vaccination of healthy people with an experimental biological agent.

There have been some significant developments in the process of awakening over the past month, both locally and nationally in the media.

I’ve seen two fully vaccinated and boosted friends (much younger and fitter than I am) suffering badly with Covid and still justifying their vaccination by using the “what if” principle.

“I’d have been much worse if I hadn’t taken the vaccine and booster”

When I ask them to explain how it could be that someone like me, who is older, heavier and far less active than they are could breeze through infection with no issues whatsoever, only testing positive for 3 days, whilst remaining unvaccinated, they struggle to find an answer.

When I ask them why their 2nd (Delta) and 3rd (Omicron) Covid infections (post vaccination) were worse than their original Alpha infection (pre vaccination) I see them scrambling for a rational answer.

I have just watched my 92 year old grandfather die from a series of massive strokes and seizures.

I appreciate he was very old and vulnerable however, he’d never suffered from these issues prior to his 1st dose of AZ vaccine in Feb 2021.

He quickly developed a blood clot on his heart which caused a mild heart attack. From then on and with consecutive injections of AZ and a Pfizer booster his health deteriorated rapidly, culminating in his death 1 week ago.

I have multiple work colleagues off sick with reoccurring chest infections, vertigo and eye conditions. A particular favourite of mine is to ask them if these issues occurred prior to their vaccines and boosters. I then leave that thought to permeate with them.

People in and around my friendship and family groups are beginning to wonder why they bothered participating in this experiment.

This is all good stuff from an awakening perspective

Then there are the recent high profile celebrity deaths and media coverage of the Pfizer trial documents.

Aussie Labor Senator Kimberly Kitching dies suddenly at 52.


Shane Warne 52 dies of suspected heart attack.


Warne was fully vaccinated.


Warne’s fellow Aussie cricketer Rod Marsh 74 also dies of heart attack.


31 year old music producer Jamal Edwards dies of a heart attack.


Commonwealth Games cyclist John Paul dies of a heart attack age just 28


The release of the Pfizer vaccine trial documents and the horrific findings made the Express national newspaper ������


My personal favourite is the brilliant assessment of the Pfizer documents by Dr John Campbell on his YouTube channel


Watching Dr Campbell’s awakening over the past 2 months has been an absolute joy

So! policrats and mass vax pushing medics….

When is the best time to admit you were wrong and that we told you so?

Your day of reckoning is nigh!



Four False Beliefs That Society is Built On - Dr Bruce Lipton and After Skool

  1. An invitation to float out of the proverbial box, from the father of epigenetics, Dr Bruce Lipton; with the fun artistic support of After Skool. Dr Lipton calls into question scientific myths: things that have been disproven, yet we largely still exist as if they are real. His vision of our potential to create a vibrant, healthy, happy future is uplifting.