Covid lies and crimes with Doctors Cahill, Ardis, and Trozzi

Feb 19th episode of the Prof Dolores Cahill Show, with Dr Trozzi & Dr Bryan Ardis

Dr Trozzi joined eminent Immunologist and Covid Truth activist Prof Dolores Cahill, along with Texas Physician Dr Bryan Ardis discussing covid-lies-and-crimes, and Canada.

Professor Dolores Cahill is an accomplished Immunologist, inventor, the President of the World Freedom Alliance, and a passionate champion of science, activism, and human rights. She has been at the front of exposing covid truth since the launch of the covid agenda against all people around the world. Dr Cahill’s important global scientific leadership included sounded the alarm in early 2020 regarding Antibody Dependent Enhancement; exposing the fatal results in laboratory animal studies from injections like the ones being forced upon the world’s population now.

As a clinical physician of thirty years, I understand how true it is that ” we see far by standing on the shoulders of giants”. In good medicine, the giants are often excellent pure medical scientists like Dr Paul Alexander, Professor Dolores Cahill , Dr Geert VandenBossche, Dr Rob Verkerk and Dr Michael Yeadon to mention a few. These scientists and others have been an inspiration and source of knowledge to us throughout the plandemic.

When Professor Cahill, recently invited me to be a guest on her radio show, I jumped at the chance to speak with a personal hero. I hope you enjoy the interview. Prof Cahill, Dr Bryan Ardis of Texas, and myself had a relaxed, but very frank conversation. We explored our experiences from within the medical and scientific community: it’s sad transition from art and science, to a cult and crime scene. The discussion also focused on the Canadian situation, truckers, and Trudeau; as well as the World Council for Health; and the quest for justice, an end to covid  abusive and deception , and the return of the rule of law and human rights to our world

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