The Foul Regime of Trudeau & Freeland has no Ethical Bottom

Here are highlights of their evil acts of the last day.

Trudeau regime seizes more dictatorial power

In addition to invoking the Emergencies Act  to use force against the peaceful truckers and citizens protests; the Trudeau regime now also have the Emergency Economic Measures Order. 

This gross violation of the God-given right to private property, involves freezing the accounts and insurance policies of anyone involved in expressing an opinion contrary to the Trudeau regimes dictates and lies.

This may be the straw that breaks the camels back, in terms of us realizing what a scam the current financial system, central banks and fiat currencies are.

Here is Trudeau’s major accomplice Chrystia Freeland announcing their planned theft of people’s money. You may recall Freeland from Dr David Martin’s detailed investigation whereby Freeland makes the top global list of “the people killing mankind”.

Deputy Crime Minister Chrystia Freeland: “The names of both individuals and entities, as well as crypto wallets, have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen.”

Peaceful leader Tamara Lich arrested

While super-villain Freeland announces this corrupt government’s institutional theft of the assets of lawful people for resisting or so much as tweeting contrary to the forced deadly covid injection campaign; a kind and ethical woman Tamara Lich, who is a leader in the current struggle for human rights in Canada, was arrested.

Peaceful truckers bravely hold the line. Trudeau fences off parliament.

You may recall the respected Tamara Lich as she gave the press conference with our beloved co-author of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada Mr Brian Peckford. They stated that they and the truckers would hold their ground despite the grave risk of violence that they face from Trudeau with his new increased dictatorial powers. May God please protect them.

Recall neither Trudeau nor his regime have lifted one finger to reach out to, or have any dialogue whatsoever, with the many thousands of citizens who travelled across the country to this protest. He claimed he had “covid exposure”, went into hiding, then invoked the Emergencies Act, began arresting our innocent heroes, and seizing the bank accounts and assets of anyone critical of his regime.

At 5 a.m. yesterday, Trudeau spent more Canadian tax payer debt to build a fence around our parliament. That should keep those pesky Canadians out of his building!

Dictator Trudeau seizes the bank accounts of his critics

American commentator Dan Bongino advises: “Get your money out of Canadian banks. You are now living in a dictatorship. Your money and your property is being confiscated by a dictator and his dictatorial lackeys. It is your obligation to resist”

Here is Ezra Levant’s 7 minute analysis of the Trudeau regimes theft of the assets of their critics:

Ottawa Towing companies choose freedom

Respects to Ottawa Towing companies who all refuse to take the money and tow the freedom convoy away:

A message from Dr. Mark Trozzi to our police and military

MT: “Like many other good people, I continue working long hours, every day, on many fronts, to help bring justice, and return human rights and the rule of law to our country and the world. I am still in shock every day that this is still happening. Remember “two weeks to flatten the curve”; two year ago!  

Where is the essence of police or military in this country? Every single Canadian should absolutely refuse to support this psychopathic dictator. With complete disregard for the fake money, which we now know is a complete fraud, every single Canadian should stand up against what is happening. I call upon all police and military: defend the people, enforce the highest laws (The Constitution and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms), stop arresting our heroes, and move against the deadly criminals Trudeau, Freeland, and their accomplices. I have done my job as a scientist and doctor, disregarding the money and sacrificing everything personal, to tell you the truth about the scamdemic, the PCR tests, the face muzzles, the suppressed safe treatments for covid, and the deadly injections which are not vaccines. Now do your part. Move against the criminals, don’t follow their orders. Your oath is to uphold the law. Start here.

The cure for covid is justice.”