The Mask Debate. Should We Take Back Our Faces?

Dr Trozzi joined other experts from multiple continents in this robust discussion about the "masks"

Video Description

It was a pleasure to participate in the recent South Asia Malaysia Health Summit, sponsored by the World Council for Health. Here is a chance to get multiple experts perspective on the barriers covering human faces around the world. -MT

On January 23, 2022, Dr Naseeba Kathrada, Dr Jackie Stone, Lawyer/activist/journalist Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, scientists Nick Hudson and Feisel Mansoor , Dr Adina Sulniman, and Dr Mark Trozzi had a robust and entertaining discussion about the “masks” that are now covering faces around the world. This should leave everyone very well informed and able to make confident decisions about their face, their airway, and “mask” mandates.

The Asian Health Summit

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