Police Officer Brian Denison! This is what it takes!

In 2021 Calgary Police Officer Brian Denison was 1 year from retirement. His critical thinking and self respect are strong; so he refused to submit or cooperate with the criminal covid enterprise, who have even infiltrated police forces including his. He honored his oath to uphold the law, exercised his right to free speech and spoke out against the charter rights and constitution violating injection mandates coming through the Calgary Police Department.

Denison stood at the crossroads, made the right choice, and began his truth telling and defence of the law in Canada even before he made this 10 minute video on November 6th, 2021 when he was released from duty with pay, which was later suspended.

Here is a brief intro to the new interview of Brian Denison with Will Dove of Strong and Free Canada.

Here is the full 27 minute interview: https://strongandfreecanada.org/vlog/police-force-veteran-fired-for-speaking-out-interview-with-brian-denison/

Thanks to Brian Denison, Police on Gaurd, Will Dove, and Strong and Free Canada.

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