Trump WTF?

Donald Trump makes completely false statements supporting the covid injections. We would love to believe that Trump is on the right side of history and looking out for us all. However this evidence, and his own words, make that seem impossible. He is enthusiastically supporting the fatal injections and spewing complete falsehoods about covid. These… Continue reading Trump WTF?

A Pharmacist’s Moment of Realization

A US citizen requests a “Vaccine” insert, and a pharmacist’s world falls apart as he realizes how wrong things are. Here is a fascinating and perhaps comical five minute video from a US activist. With a hidden camera rolling, she attends a pharmacy and requests a “vaccine” insert. What seems initially like a routine event… Continue reading A Pharmacist’s Moment of Realization

Robert Kennedy Jr. Champion of the People

“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Kennedy Robert F Kennedy Jr is a true champion of the people. RFK is true to his family’s tradition of standing up for fairness and transparency, against the most wicked people on Earth. Despite his uncle president JFK’s 1963 assassination, and… Continue reading Robert Kennedy Jr. Champion of the People