VCC: New frank discourse with Doctors Alexander and Trozzi

This is a very frank and relaxed discussion involving Doctors Alexander and Trozzi, with Ted Kuntz and VCC


Here scientist Dr Alexander and clinician Dr Trozzi have a very frank discussion, and Q and A session with Ted Kuntz. They discuss covid science, corruption, and the unjustifiable campaigns to inject children. Both Alexander and Trozzi share insider information and intimate experiences from their journeys of staying ethical and honest through the covid era.

Anyone still on the fence about these injections, or considering injecting their kids, will greatly benefit from this honest discussion with scientist Dr Alexander and clinician Dr Trozzi.

Vaccine Choice Canada has been championing  Canadians’ right to information and freedom of choice for decades, long before the roll out of this newest and by far most dangerous injection ever called a “vaccine”. Since the covid agenda rolled out, Vaccine Choice Canada has stepped up stronger than ever! VCC hosts great events and speakers regularly.

“It was an honor and pleasure for Dr Alexander and myself to be hosted by VCC for this great evening discussion.”  Mark Trozzi MD