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The victims of covid: coerced, injected, damaged, owned, and debased

The predators have a similar and demented strategy with software code of computers, and the genetic code of plants, coronaviruses, and humans.

The predatory strategy of code-parasites

Bill Gates steals computer code

In the early days of micro-computing, enthusiasts were creating software programs or “code” and sharing it freely among themselves. Bill Gates took much of this growing library of freely shared code, modified things slightly, patented them, claimed it all as his property, and then denied the many enthusiast from using or sharing it. He is no software super genius; rather he is just a thief and opportunist: a parasite.

Monsanto thieves genetic code of crops

Monsanto are infamous for their genetically modified crops and wicked tactics. For decades they have genetically modified and patented crops; contaminated farmers fields  and heirloom crops from neighboring lands, then claimed ownership of the traditional farmers now contaminated seeds, and denied these farmers their rights to grow food without submitting to Monsanto’s seeds, fees and control.

Covid criminals swipe viral code

As Dr David Martin has showed us, for more than a decade, the covid criminals have been genetically modifying coronaviruses. They have filed and claimed at least 79 patents on these viruses and related products (like PCR tests and genetic modification injections which they call “vaccines”). While abusing us all, they have also made record fortunes on these patents. Patenting and owning the viruses they launch against mankind, is not the bottom of the moral swamp where these creatures live.

Now they want your code

The adenovirus-vector covid injections (Astrazenica and Johnson and Johnson) actually deliver a payload of double stranded patented DNA to the victims’ cells. The nanoparticle delivery systems (Pfizer and Moderna) deliver a payload of patented modified coronavirus messenger RNA; this mRNA may very well access the reverse transciptase pathway in the victims’ cells and modify their DNA. They are genetically modifying humans.

Do you see the pattern? Nefariously modifying and taking ownership of computer code, genetic codes of plants, genetic codes of viruses, and genetic codes of humans.

Facing the dehumanization of humanity

Beyond these super-creeps claiming ownership of the software, the plants and crops, the viruses, and the humans; they may also argue that the injection victims are now trans-humans, not humans, and thus those pesky old human rights no longer apply to them. Of course this is all sick demented thinking that we should reject 100%. Criminals of this magnitude should be lawfully hung. Dead super-creeps own nothing; not software, plants, viruses, or people.  

In the desired future for which we work and pray; there will be justice, the super-creeps’ assets will all be seized and redistributed to the victims of the world (that’s all of us in varying degrees). The corrupt central bankers are part of this, and their debt grip on humanity will end with a quick swipe; we do not owe them anything, except a speedy trial or military operation. Then we will still have lots of healing to do: physically, mentally and spiritually. No one will be the property of someone else.

What next?

If you have resisted the forced injections, hold the line and keep fighting. If you have been coerced and injected, you should have motivation to fight even harder.

Doctors, scientists and other experts are working hard to find cures for the damage done by these injections. We have many challenges in this regard. If you or someone you know has been injected, share the current advise we have for minimizing the damage and suffering from the World Council for Health.

Experts from around the world are researching constantly and update this and other advice from the World Council For Health regularly. Here is a great article from Down The Chupacobrahole which shares Dr. Chinda Brandolino’s warning.

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