Stark warning from Doctors Vanden Boscche, Alexander, Stock, and Trozzi

We are witnessing the highest rates of infection, hospitalization, and death in the nations that are most "vaccinated"

Dr Vanden Boscche raises the alarm on the destruction of innate immunity

Dr Geert Vanden Boscche is a world class virologist, immunologist, and vaccinologist. He is the consummate insider and whistle blower. His extensive career has included high level positions with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as GAVI.  

Three day ago on November 17, 2021 he gave this detailed warning at the African Health Summit. He expressed his educated concern that hope is already lost for the heavily injected populations of the world; before he pleaded with the people of Africa to reject the injections before they are on the same path to mass immune system failure, widespread disease and death.

Revealing the grim reality of vaccine-induced antibody mediated selection

The so-called “vaccines” are wreaking havoc on individuals and populations.

Beyond the record setting initial adverse events and deaths from these forced injection campaigns, we are also facing these other developing catastrophes:

  • damaged immune systems,
  • enhanced cornavirus disease,
  • dangerous new variants,
  • injection victims becoming  super-spreaders
  • blocking of the development of healthy herd immunity that would be  acheived without these injections,
  • and disruptions of the innate immunity in young and old, “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated”, that will cause: severe coronavirus disease; worsening of many other infections that will break through the damaged immune systems; autoimmune diseases; and crippling persistenteffects on children’s immune systems.

These so-called “vaccines” are leaky, meaning that they may reduce symptoms, but they do not eliminate the virus, nor block infection or transmission. The injection victims have higher viral loads in their respiratory tracts and their symptoms are buffered, so they are more likely to  spread  infection. These victims’ virus-loaded respiratory systems are evolutionary hotbeds where the coronaviruses can live, and evolve into more dangerous variants. In 2020 we were lied to about “Asymptomatic spread” in natural people; however now the injections are creating  super-spreaders .

It is true that the injections are already demonstrating severe harms to the subjects, and that sadly, there is lots more to come in this respect. However, we now see that it is also  true that the injection victims harbour and evolving pools of corona-viruses, obstruct herd immunity, and maintain a constant presence of corona-virus in the population that drains the innate immunity even in the “unvaccinated”. So the injection campaigns  put us all in grave danger.

For more details and proof of these matters, see this recent article by Dr Paul Alexander with input of Doctors Dan Stock and Mark Trozzi.