Natural Immunity beats “vaccine” by 27 times

Israeli study: Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections.


This 2021 study out of Israel compares natural verses Pfizer injection induced immunity. We have discussed this research in the context of other posts, articles and interviews; but would like to now share a brief direct look at it.

This study involved more than one hundred thousand subjects and compared 3 groups:

  • Group 1. Persons who were never infected with SARS-CoV2, and who received two Pfizer injection;
  • Group 2. Persons who were  previously infected and recovered from SARS C0V2  , and who  received no covid injections; AKA “the naturally immune group”;
  • Group 3. Persons who were previously  infected and recovered from SARS CoV2, and  who also received  one Pfizer injection.



  1. Infections with the delta variant  were 13 times more likely in the double “vaxxed”  group,  than in the naturally immune group.
  2. Symptomatic covid 19 disease was  27 times more likely in the Double “vaxxed” group than in the naturally immune group.  
  3. Hospitalizations were 7 times more likely in the double “vaxxed” group than in the naturally immune group.
  4. Comparing the group that were both previously infected and once injected, to the naturally immune; the injections did not demonstrate any statistically significant benefit.


That is a very poor performance by these so-called ” vaccines”.

In addition to this study’s results, we know that natural immunity is long lasting over many years and works against a variety of corona-viruses and their variants. In contrast, the injection induced antibodies are very narrowly effective, are easily circumvented by slight genetic variations of the virus, and facilitate the evolution of variants which are particularly dangerous to the same people who have been injected.

Additionally even in just the early aftermath of these injections, we are seeing record adverse events and death. In 10 months in the USA these so-called “vaccines” have caused more reported death than all vaccines combined did over all of the past thirty years combined.

Not safe. Not effective. Natural immunity, combined with safe early treatment when needed, is the way.