Gaining ground

Quebec drops mandates, first responders protest, legal insights, and a laugh

How to Defend Your Rights, Job, Business & Education

Legal help fighting against the covid crimes. Here’s Will Dove’s just published interview: “How to Defend Your Rights, Job, Business & Education” with Litigation Lawyer, Marilyn Burns:

The province of Quebec in Canada drops the vaccine mandate for schools and university staff:

Freedom over Fear

The First Responders’ Protest promises to be a festive and epic event. We should be safe protesting with the police. It is this weekend November 6 and 7 in Toronto. This stands to be one of the most liberating events in Canada since the launch of the covid scandal. Join the police, fire and paramedics who refuse to be pawns of the covid predators, or the destructive mandates of their political puppets.

Here's a doctor following orders: