Help for those who have been injected and shelter for those who have not

“Keeping Healthy After the Jab" from the WCH and the control group.

The World Council for Health has published “A Practical Approach to Keeping Healthy After Your Covid-19 Jab”. We do not recommend the covid injections to anyone, but we all have family, friends and loved ones who have been coerced and injected. These injections present many novel health challenges as they have multiple mechanisms of toxic effects. Many of the ethical scientific and medical groups that convene at the World Council for Health are involved in laboratory and clinical research studying and looking for solutions to the ill effects. Though we are dealing with an entire new collection of iatrogenic disease processes, people need help now. Here are some current insights and guidelines.  More material and updates will follow from the WCH, including incorporating natural and herbal medicines within one week. Please share this information, especially with people already facing the effects of these substances in their bodies, or people caring for others who are. Also, for people on the fence about getting injected, this very conservative publication should also serve as an alert to the very real dangers that are being covered up as the covid agenda continues.

Joining the Control Group

Though the CCE and their propogandists are demonizing the “un-vaxxed” people and promoting hatred for them among coerced injection victims. Our stand is not the opposite. People have been lied to, manipulated, harmed in so many ways over the last 19 months, and finally injected in contravention to the Nuremberg code and other sources of medical ethics. We want to help them. It is foolish to fall for the agenda dividing the “vaxxed” against the “unvaxxed”. Rather we are all victims of these crimes and should unite against the perpetrators of the agenda.

For those of us, who have and wish to remain un-injected; science needs us! We are the control group. At best the injection campaigns are clinical pharmacologic trials. Trials or experiments require a treatment group and a control group. Otherwise, there is nothing to compare, and science is absent.  However, if governments and institutions are pushing for 100% of the population to be injected, then there is no control. We have no way to compare people’s health with and without the injections. The control group, the un-injected, are essential, to observe any benefits as well as detrimental effects from the injections. In the absence of a control group, people could for instance be fooled into thinking that disease and death resulting from the injections are due to something else like the delta variant, or some new patent laden virus, PCR, and injection industry.

For instance, see: 

So, help science while exercising your choice to not be injected. Officially join the control group. Sign up and print your control group photo ID card which indicates that you “Must Not Be Vaccinated”.