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Canada election day; it’s about Freedom

Call to action

If you want an end to the medical tyranny that has been crushing our health, human rights, freedom, culture, and joy of living; then you are not alone. Here are some images from across Canada from Saturday’s Worldwide Rally for Freedom: https://www.rebelnews.com/tens_of_thousands_take_to_the_streets_in_world_wide_rally_for_freedom

What can we do today, election day, to get the globalist predators’ boots off of our Canadian throats? Though the Trudeau regime has the filthiest record for covid-justified human rights violations; others seem to be waiting in the wings for their chance to serve the same evil puppet masters: the defunct World Health Organization, the UN, Bill Gates, the communist Chinese dictators, central banks, big pharma, big tech, and other multinational corporations raking in profits and assets from the covid enterprise.

Any political party who is cozy with the likes of the UN, George Soros, Bill Gates, and their many appendage organizations, is prepared to continue the deception and abuse of Canadians rather than representing and defending us.

There is only one Canadian party proposing to end the abuse and proposing to right what is so-very-wrong. Canadians have been lied to about Maxine Bernier and the Peoples Party of Canada. The party has been blocked from the debates, and other opportunities to speak to Canadians.

If you heard the PPC was racist, that is completely false. The PPC is the least racist party in Canada; race is a non-issue with the PPC, and the candidates come in all shades, genders, and cultures of Canadians.

Considering recent history, and the Trudeau regime’s seemingly endless contempt for the law, we don’t know if the election will be legitimate. IF it is, we have a chance to change things today. It may be a long shot, but where will we be tomorrow if we don’t try.  Perhaps today is a day for us all to get very creative in encouraging and even shuttling people who might not have voted, to the polling stations to vote for freedom.

Anyone with a little common sense who wants to be free, should easily be peeled off the couch and driven to the polling station. Good luck!

Here’s Maxime Bernier in a very relevant conversation with Professor of Ethics Dr. Julie Ponesse.

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