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Prof Rancourt applied his mathematical skills to analyze global all cause mortality data; circumventing covid and "vaccine" related statistical manipulation.

Canadian Prof Denis Rancourt PhD is a physicist, interdisciplinary scientist, and a former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa. He is currently focused on helping solving major world problems as an associate researcher with the non-profit organization Correlation Canada.   

He has applied his mathematical skills to analyzing all cause mortality data from around the world. All cause mortality analysis circumvents all the statistical shenanigans that have been used to deceive us throughout the covid agenda and era. It allows the math to reveal some solid truths.

Short Clips:

1. Prior to the vaccines, excess mortality was caused by government measures, mandates, and misdirected medical responses, not a respiratory virus

2. All-Cause Mortality Surged Everywhere the Covid Vaccines Were Rolled Out

Full Presentation October 2, 2023 WCH Better Way Live Presentation:

Prof Rancourt’s work includes his teams most recent extensive 180 page research article, COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere. The team exposes some hard realities: the coerced genetic injections promoted as “safe and effective vaccines” have a minimum death per injection rate of 1 in 800 (so far); there is a dramatic increased mortality per injection rate for elderly persons, which makes the practice of injecting elderly people first, a blatant form of geronticide (selective killing of the elderly). Prof Rancourt also shows that prior to the so-called “vaccines”, the increased dying was caused by government measures, mandates, and misdirected medical responses, not the virus.

Prof Rancourt’s most recent co-authored paper: COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere. Read or download here.

More research and materials from Prof Denis Rancourt:

Prof Denis Rancourt on the Absurdity of Canadian government's claim that it prevented "1 million deaths"

Doctors Verkerk and Trozzi: Why Use Excess Mortality? Though tragically impressive, adverse events reporting systems are all varying degrees of under-estimates. Canada is an extreme case; hence the importance of utilizing excess mortality data to reveal the obvious.

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  1. The text on the now destroyed “Georgia Guide Stones” explaines everything. “MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500 MILLION IN PERPETUAL

  2. Glad these types of rational and bona fide presentations are still coming out. Hopefully, there’ll be a public trial of the perps who pushed the killing agenda, even if they were low-resolution thinkers who skimmed past the evidence.

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