Doctors Verkerk and Trozzi: Why Use Excess Mortality?

Though tragically impressive, adverse events reporting systems are all varying degrees of under-estimates. Canada is an extreme case; hence the importance of utilizing excess mortality data to reveal the obvious.

Most adverse events reporting systems in the world reveal dramatic amounts of death and disease following the covid-19 so-called “vaccines”. There has always been profound under-reporting of vaccine adverse events, but the coercion of doctors to not report adverse events and death with these specific injections greatly amplifies this. Dr Verkerk and I explain the importance of utilizing excess mortality to overcome this effect; and state the obvious buried truth. Here is the 10 minute long Part 4 of the Heart to Heart podcast: Dr Rob Verkerk PhD in conversation with Dr Mark Trozzi MD.

Why is under-reporting in Canada so extreme?

Dr Patrick Phillips' adverse events reports were blocked and he was persecuted for trying to report them:

More Details of the Canadian Cover UP