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"Estas três regras, reconheço ser as mais altas: A Regra de Ouro, respeito pelo Criador, e amor pela Sagrada Mãe Terra".

Bem-vindo ao meu fórum. Espero que encontrem aqui conhecimentos, métodos e inspiração para ajudarem a melhorar a vossa saúde e cumprirem o vosso papel em tornar o mundo um lugar melhor. Existe uma colecção ampla, vasta e pesquisável de recursos relativos às chamadas "vacinas" contra a covid-19, às infecções por coronavírus e ao seu tratamento, aos crimes contra a humanidade e a informações importantes para uma vida saudável, desde a desintoxicação à reversão da diabetes, à nutrição e à obtenção de uma saúde óptima. O material escrito está disponível em 23 línguas. Por favor, aproveite e prospere! 

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Dr. Hodkinson no evento do Projeto Unidade de Alberta

Introduction Dr Roger Hodkinson is consistently one of the great heroes of the covid truth movement in Canada and internationally. His medical knowledge is profound, his study of covid is diligent and accurate, and his speech is clear, concise, and honest. Here is his October 30th, 2021 speech at  the Alberta Unity Project Event in Olds Alberta. Despite the dark subject matter, Dr Hodkinson triggers some good laughs, as he explains honest  science, gives proper health advise, and exposes the covid crimes and abuses we are enduring. (2o minutes)

O que acontece quando os médicos "apenas seguem ordens

Introduction Thanks to Ezra Levant for this brief review of the history of eugenics, violent medical experiments, Josef Mengele, the Nazis, and the Nuremberg trials and code; plus the College of Physicians of Surgeons of Ontario’s current role as bold accomplices to the covid crimes against humanity. The CPSO muzzle and submit most doctors into joining their crimes, while attacking  the few doctors who maintain our ethics and oaths. rebelnews.com Dinosaur Media Coverage Meanwhile, here is some of the coverage of the hive minded, state funded, dinosaur media regarding the same doctors. They receive your tax dollars, and with it help to end human rights, by keeping Canadians misinformed and confused: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-doctors-covid-1.6214950 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/cpso-investigating-four-doctors-1.6235435 https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2021/11/03/4-docs-not-co-operating-with-investigations-into-covid-practices-medical-regulator.html The Nuremberg Code During the Second World War, the Nazi’s performed horrific torture and mutation which they called “medical experiments” on imprisoned groups, most notably the Jewish people. Following the war, international groups worked to avoid such experimental abuse of people in the future. In the face of the horrid evidence

Ganhando terreno

Quebec drops mandates, first responders protest, legal insights, and a laugh How to Defend Your Rights, Job, Business & Education Legal help fighting against the covid crimes. Here’s Will Dove’s just published interview: “How to Defend Your Rights, Job, Business & Education” with Litigation Lawyer, Marilyn Burns: The province of Quebec in Canada drops the vaccine mandate for schools and university staff: Read More Freedom over Fear The First Responders’ Protest promises to be a festive and epic event. We should be safe protesting with the police. It is this weekend November 6 and 7 in Toronto. This stands to be one of the most liberating events in Canada since the launch of the covid scandal. Join the police, fire and paramedics who refuse to be pawns of the covid predators, or the destructive mandates of their political puppets. Here’s a doctor following orders:

Os doutores Alexander e Trozzi vivem amanhã, e muito mais.

Vaccine Choice Canada Nov 4 Live Event Vaccine Choice Canada hosts live free online events every week with many of the world experts on all things covid including health, science, treatment, criminality, and corruption. I am very honoured to join Dr Paul Alexander as guest speakers this Thursday November 4th at 7 PM EST. Our conversation will start about the plot to inject small children with the dangerous unwarranted covid injections, but I am sure it will take on a life of its own, and should be informative, and entertaining despite the dark subject we are all facing and fighting against. Please join us and participate. It is a great chance to ask questions and have some dialogue. Register here: https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/resources/vcc-live-calendar/ Here is a primer on Dr Alexander’s and my work on the subject of injecting children: https://drtrozzi.org/2021/10/07/children-should-be-freed-now-and-never-covid-injected/ This week’s Vaccine Choice events also include a presentation this evening at 7 PM by Dr Peter Breggin MD. He has thoroughly