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“These three rules, I recognize to be the highest: The Golden Rule, respect for the Creator, and love for the Sacred Mother Earth.”

Welcome to my forum. I hope you find knowledge, methods, and inspiration here to help improve your health, and fulfill your role in making the world a better place. There is a broad, vast and searchable collection of  resources concerning the so-called covid “vaccines”, coronavirus infections and treatment, the covid-crimes-against-humanity, and important information for healthy living from detoxification, to reversing diabetes, nutrition and achieving optimal health. Written material is available in 23 languages. Please enjoy and thrive! 

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Dr Trozzi Responds to Twitter Suspension

Yesterday, Twitter suspended the account of Dr Trozzi. Over 10,000 followers began the migration to join our larger audience who follow us without interference.

Why We March September 20th

Dr. Chris Milburn, Dr. Laura Braden, Dr. Aris Lavranos, and Dr. Mark Trozzi on the sexualization of children and medical procedures on minors.

Dr Trozzi | Million March For Children

A short video message about the sexualization of our children in schools, and my invitation to join us September 20th for the Million March for Children.

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