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"Ezt a három szabályt ismerem el a legmagasabbnak: Az aranyszabály, a Teremtő iránti tisztelet és a Szent Földanya iránti szeretet."

Üdvözöllek a fórumomon. Remélem, hogy találsz itt ismereteket, módszereket és inspirációt, amelyek segítenek javítani az egészségeden, és betölteni a szerepedet a világ jobbá tételében. Széleskörű, hatalmas és kereshető forrásgyűjtemény található az úgynevezett kovid "vakcinákkal", a koronavírus fertőzésekkel és kezelésükkel, a kovidok emberiség elleni bűntetteivel, valamint az egészséges életmóddal kapcsolatos fontos információkkal a méregtelenítéstől kezdve a cukorbetegség visszafordításán át a táplálkozásig és az optimális egészség eléréséig. Az írásos anyagok 23 nyelven állnak rendelkezésre. Kérjük, élvezze és gyarapodjon! 

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Dél-afrikai orvos figyelmeztet a nagyobb tervre

Dr Shankara Chetty concisely explains the dark science of the covid agenda, and the function of the spike glycoprotein poison Introduction Dr Shankara Chetty is a world expert on the science and treatment of covid 19. He is also acutely aware of the covid-19 agenda which he describes in detail. In this brief and concise 11 minute video, Dr Chetty stitches together his medical knowledge with his political insights. He paints a clear and powerful picture of our current reality. “This plan is to make sure that we can control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned and so I think the justification for everything we see is warranted in understanding the endgame.”

Önállóan bejelentett orvosi mentességi dokumentum

Governments and institutions have no legitimate power to forcibly inject you, but you have legitimate power to say no. Here’s a self-declared medical exemption. Introduction Many rogue and misled organizations are demanding to see your “vaccine” papers, threatening to invade and obstruct your human rights. Some of these crimes will continue, with disdain for the law, until arrests are made and the rule of law is fully returned to our societies. Meanwhile here is a completely valid document that you can complete, print, and sign. It is a valid self-declared exemption from the so called “vaccines”. You have both the right and good reasons to declare your completely lawful right to refuse being injected, while still maintaining your human rights and freedoms. The truth is that lawfully, we do not need documents to exercise our rights and to resist forced injections; but if they are asking for a paper, here’s one: Click here for PDF We’d like to thank  Promic for putting together this self-declared medical

Dr. Cole: Covid Complete az élvonalból

This is a most up to date and concise synopsis of all covid science Dr Cole presents at the WCH General Assembly On Nov 1st, 2021 American pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole presented to the General Assembly of the World Council for Health. The many members from around the world were thrilled with the quality of his presentation. Dr. Cole is one of the first scientists to share microscopic and gross pathology results from dead victims of the covid injections. Dr. Cole is a great speaker who possesses extremely detailed knowledge of corona virus science. His perspectives and advice are clear and constructive. This live presentation was so powerful and informative that other speakers, including steering members for the World Council for Health, forfeited their speaking time and insisted that Dr. Ryan Cole continued for as long as he needed. It’s is packed with accurate up-to-date corona virus knowledge. Thank you Dr. Cole!

Sportolók meghaltak vagy kórházba kerültek a covid injekciók után

Here’s a list of athletes dead or hospitalized after being “vaccinated” Introduction For our well-informed reader who knows that the Covid-19 experimental biologics are not safe, it’s no surprise that many people have died or suffered life altering damages after being coerced by the Criminal Covid Enterprise into being injected. The casualties and loss of life are nothing short of a nightmarish tragedy. Sadly, athletes who have received the injection are not spared either. Here is a list of some of the young athletes who have died or been hospitalized after being “vaccinated”. Athletes who died after “vaccination” Avi Barot, 29, Saurashtra cricketer suffers cardiac arrest, passes away: https://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/young-saurashtra-cricket-player-avi-barot-dies-after-suffering-cardiac-arrest/article37015873.ece   Abou Ali, 22, professional footballer collapses on pitch during game: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/16118079/footballer-wessam-abou-ali-awake-hospital-collapse/   Fabrice NSakala, 31, Besiktas defender collapses on pitch during game: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/aug/22/fabrice-nsakala-besiktas-collapse   Jens De Smet, 27, footballer collapses on field, passes away of heart attack: https://newswep.com/jens-27-collapses-on-the-football-field-and-dies-this-is-not-maldegem/   Jente van Genechten, 25, footballer collapses on field due to heart attack: https://www.sudinfo.be/id411745/article/2021-08-18/25-ans-un-joueur-belge-de-football-fait-un-arret-cardiaque-sur-le-terrain-avant