De nouveaux soins de santé pour des patients intelligents et de bons médecins

Doctors Peter McCullough, Harvey Risch, Richard Amerling, Heather Gessling and others join Canadian visionary Foster Colson in building a legitimate new health care system.

“Current medical practice is so completely off the rails that it almost has to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up, because we have allowed ourselves to be taken over by pharma…” Dr Richard Amerling.

Today’s post is an ideal follow up to Tuesday‘s video message. Existing health care institutions are completely corrupted. They have fallen so far from grace, as to become the bloodied hands of the covid-crimes-against-humanity.

Good doctors refuse to participate in the crimes. We are trying wrestle the old institutions control out of current criminal hands, with hopes to restore them to ethical and scientific integrity. We may or may not succeed in that; so we must also create new institutions quickly and start providing legitimate health care now. People are suffering and in danger.  

Meet La société du bien-être. They are a global leader on this quest. Just six months old, The Wellness Company is already providing visionary real health care services in the USA.

Presented at the World Council for Health General Assembly

Speaking live to the General Assembly of The World Council For Health on Monday, February 27, Dr Heather Gessling COO and Peter Gillooly CEO spoke about The Wellness Company and answered questions from a live audience:

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17 commentaires

  1. Is there a place for a Licensed Acupuncturist aka Practitioner of Asian Medicine to become part of the team? One with over 20 years of clinical experience plus expertise in trauma recovery? TIA

  2. Is there a link to doctors in Melbourne Australia that will be connected to your excellent organisation and vision?

  3. Thank you for all your work in revealing the truth out to all !

    I have a hard time understanding words spoken when there’s music playing in the background.

  4. How do we access the Wellness Company services from Canada? If they are not available here, do you know if there is something like the Wellness Company in Canada?

  5. Wow!
    This is so hopeful. Already, my family is afraid to attend a doctor here in Canada, and we pray we won’t need a hospital. Even to the extent my husband broke his finger, and we ‘set it’ ourselves. This HAS to come to Canada too!
    You people are doing good work. We try to support you as best we can whenever we can afford it.
    Dr. Trozzi; you are a Prince of Kos. If you have ever read Carl Jung, it is a description of a ‘primal form’. Jung had a ‘near death ‘ experience, and in that expanded consciousness State he saw his good doctor that was treating him in his ‘primal form’ as a ‘ Prince of Kos’. ( Of course as a doctor you know the connection to Kos and medicine’ ) This is the soul of those who carry that sacred and cosmic impulse of a true healer in them .
    Blessings to you good Doctor, and to your colleagues. When these Princes of Kos assemble on behalf of humanity, great things are being done on the world. ❤️

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