Tohtori Rapiti Lopeta laukaukset Pelastakaa lapset

Beware: evidence to stop the shots continues mounting, yet governments continue pushing the deadly jabs.

Dr Ellapen Rapiti is my respected friend and colleague. We serve together on the international Health Science Committee of the World Council for Health. He has treated thousands of cases of covid-19 over the past three years with great success, and has become a leader in the field. He lives and practices in South Africa.

The South African Department of Health recently announced that they will roll out the toxic covid-19 genetic injections for children 5 to 11 years old. Here is Dr Rapiti’s excellent ten minute video calling upon the government to reverse course, while warning parents and citizens everywhere to beware and take evasive action. In approving and mandating these injections, governments are living up to the fact that the number one cause of unnatural death throughout history is governments.

Dr Rapiti explains:

There is no current pandemic; current covid strains are mild and present zero risk to children; we have safe and effective treatments for the complications of covid (pneumonia and clotting disorders); the so-called “vaccines” do not work ; they have zero benefit but pose many health risks including myocarditis and infertility; around the world increase death statistics following the injection campaigns among children are alarming; and there is a lack of informed consent and respect for the right to reject the injections. Adverse events and deaths are being covered up while the victims are denied. Dr Rapiti also names some of the ways that these injections damage human immune systems.

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