Omicron | A Gift and Warning

Omicron is very mild but confers great natural immunity. It also is a sign of the forced injections driving SARS C0V2 evolution in dangerous directions Omicron the Gift Omicron is

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The Omicron Variant

Transcript There are three main sources of variants that we must consider. The first source of variants occurs in a healthy normal population without any of the lock-downs, and forced

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Vaccine Choice Canada Interview

Spike Proteins, Covid Variants, Shedding and Much More Introduction Dr Mark Trozzi MD is a 25 year veteran Ontario Emergency Physician, Critical Resuscitation Instructor, and devout Covid-19 researcher, truth-teller, and

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Examining the Delta Variant

The delta variant is the latest fear mongering tool used to help justify the criminal injection campaigns. Co-authored by Dr. Paul Alexander, PHD and Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD Introduction Many

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The Business of Covid – Episode 5

Debunking the Detla Deception with Dr. Dubé, Dr. Trozzi, and Dr. Hodkinson Introduction In this 20-minute video recorded on August 12th, 2021, Dr. Sam Dubé speaks with emergency medicine physician

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