Hot Mic: Ontario Top Doctors Just Read Their Lines

“I just say whatever they write down for me” Introduction Especially for my fellow Ontarians. Though these particular meat puppets are from Ontario, Canada; similar so-called “experts” star in this COVID theatre all around the world. Whist caught on a hot mic, the top Ontario doctors joke about never reading the papers, and saying whatever… Continue reading Hot Mic: Ontario Top Doctors Just Read Their Lines

Randy Hillier: Quarantine Isolation Camps in Canada

Introduction Watch Randy Hillier persistently inquire into the construction/acquisition of quarantine facilities. This short, creepy, video is a must watch for all Canadians.

Reiner Fullmich: Crimes Against Humanity & Class Action Lawsuit

Introduction This under one hour video by Dr. Reiner Fullmich details the COVID criminal enterprise, describes his organization’s class action lawsuit against the schemers behind the great COVID deception. This is a hope inspiring video, and shares valuable information. 

Has Covid-19 Increased Total Death Rates in the US?

Dr. Sorin analyzes death rate data straight from CDC

Dr. Erickson: Real Numbers

General population antibody tests reveals covid mortality is very low Covid is mild and generally non-fatal This is a mild generally non-fatal disease, a cold. Here is a great report by a physician studying COVID-19 antibody tests in the general population, early on in this scam, and finding that there were many more cases of… Continue reading Dr. Erickson: Real Numbers

CDC Admits 94% of COVID Deaths Were Counted Wrong

Introduction Did you know that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that 94% of COVID deaths were counted incorrectly? This short video by One America News (OAN) tackles this subject

False Death Certificates and Fake Statistics

Dr. A Bukacek explains how how death certificates are being manipulated

Meet Dr. Theresa Tam

The fox guarding the hen house “Canada’s chief public health officer must resign or be fired” Dr. Tam is the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada. Watch Ezra Levant of Rebel News explain why she ought to resign or be fired. This is a must-watch for Canadians especially.

The Utility of Vitamin D in Relation to Covid-19

About Vitamin D & the Immune System Vitamin D has various forms. It’s inactive or initial form cholecalciferol is produced in the skin when exposed to sunlight, and can also  be ingested from a few natural foods including: fatty fish, mushrooms exposed to sunlight, and supplements including those commonly added to cow’s milk found in… Continue reading The Utility of Vitamin D in Relation to Covid-19

Hydroxychloroquine and Covid-19

How does Hydroxychloroquine help Zinc suppress coronaviruses? Coronavirus replication within our cells involves a critical step of replicating its genetic code. This requires an enzyme called “replicase”. It is also called “RNA-dependent RNA polymerase”.  The replicase enzyme is inhibited by zinc; this explains the commonly known antiviral properties of zinc. However, regardless of how much… Continue reading Hydroxychloroquine and Covid-19