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Dr Pierre Kory on Disillusionment

“I did not understand we were striking at the very heart of the pharmaceutical industry” Here is a brief but profound message from FLCCC co-founder Dr Pierre Kory. Dr Kory is one of the global leaders in the science and ethics

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Covid: Top World Experts Explain All

Senator Johnson, Drs Cole, Risch, Thorp, Marik, Kory, McCullough, Wiseman, Malone, Alexander, and more experts. Here is an all start line up of covid truth scientists and doctors, each concisely delivering the key information about covid-19, the misrepresented injections, the

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Dr Ryan Cole. The World Has Been Spiked

Detailed and concise exposition of the spike protein poisoning of mankind by injection. Dr Cole is unquestionably one of the world’s top experts on the effects of the so-called covid “vaccines” on the human body. He is a devote pathologist

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WCH News 2021-10-25

There is a better way. We’re finding it together. Introduction We are very proud to be part of the World Council for Health. Old institutions are stacked with criminals awaiting their hand-cuffed appearances at the Nuremberg 2.0 trials. We can

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Ivermectin, Joe Rogan, and Guilty Puppets in Media.

Joe Rogan recently had covid and made a speedy recovery Joe feels great after ivermectin & multi-drug treatment “Horse Dewormer” CNN, part of the Criminal Covid Enterprise, claimed that he took “horse dewormer”, and ridiculed the treatment. That’s part of

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