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UK Data Shows: The Bioweapon is Working

An important visual: one table tells the story The bioweapons are working. UK data shows dramatically accelerated dying in all age groups since the middle of 2022. The SARS CoV2 virus pandemic agenda was rolled out in early 2020. However,

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Boston University Created a Dangerous New Coronavirus

Fauci’s NIH and others funded Boston University research that has created a very dangerous coronavirus and an extreme security risk. I am sorry to report that researchers at the University of Boston, funded by Fauci’s hijacked NIH and others ,

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Iron Will’s Warnings in Vienna

Canadian Iron Will Dove’s intense analysis of the globalist predators’ evolving assault against us, as premiered to an international audience in Vienna Sept 15, 2022. This is not for the faint of heart, nor those who hold tightly to rose

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Join 7 Canadian Truth Telling Doctors Live Tonight

Drs Hoffe, Luchkiw, Malthouse, Shoemaker, Trozzi, Killian, and Fourchalk Police On Guard are hosting part 2 of “Then They Came For The Canadians”. Tonight’s Schedule: Dr Crystal Luchkiw – 7:05 pm Dr Steven Malthouse – 7:15 pm Dr Chris Shoemaker – 7:25 pm Dr

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