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Exit the WHO. Why and How

The top 3 reasons why this is absolutely essential to our dignified survival; and a Canadian resources to help us do what must be done The International Health Regulations amendments include establishing global medical martial law, removing “respect for dignity,

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Canada Exit the WHO | Powerful Action Made Very Easy

Thanks to Vaccine Choice Canada and the organization Prevent Genocide 2030 for this extremely easy yet powerful action. It will literally take two minutes: Step 1: Go to: and click “Take Action“. Step 2: Fill in your information.

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Exit the WHO. This is not a spectator sport

Action required “The work is great but the workers are few.” Many people know that the covid agenda is evil. They are trying not to take the shot, make the best of their current situation, and are a little relieved

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Urgent Action: Exit the World Health Organization

Friends please take some time for this mass action to help liberate ourselves and our world #ExitTheWho #StopTheWHO #BoycotTheWHO Introduction to ACTION As you know from prior material the WHO is the conduit through which the criminal covid enterprise taxes,

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