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Covid | Public health crisis or military operation?

Is the biggest 3yr “cover-up” in history, fused with the biggest “crime against humanity” in history? Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Was the entire covid enterprise a military operation against the people? Was the FDA and NIH involvement just

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UK Data Shows: The Bioweapon is Working

An important visual: one table tells the story The bioweapons are working. UK data shows dramatically accelerated dying in all age groups since the middle of 2022. The SARS CoV2 virus pandemic agenda was rolled out in early 2020. However,

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Our Duty to Survive

Even if the Police, Military, and Courts Fail , We Must Survive and restore Human Rights and the Rule of Law. I was honored when Dr Sam Dube asked me to give concluding comments to a Fifth Doctor interview which

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Charles Kovess at the tip of the global justice spear

About Charles Kovess is practical, uplifting, balanced and BS free.    You greatly enjoyed the material we shared November 23, 2021 from this leader in global legal strategist, great speaker Charles Kovess. Thanks to Dr Sam Dube for this latest

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RED ALERT. Protect the Children.

Urgent Interview of Doctors Alexander and Trozzi with Dr Sam Dube The 5th Doctor – Ep. 8 Introduction Assaulting children ages 12 and up with dangerous biologics did not satisfy the monsters in the CCE; now they are preying on

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