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The Facts Do Not Support Trudeau’s Violence

The corrupt Canadian political class feed the fake media with stories, which they then refer to as facts and use to justify their wicked deeds. Do you recall last February when Canadians held the largest and most peaceful protest in

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Is Justin Trudeau paternity mystery solved?

New photographic evidence brings old theories into question. Let’s have some fun shall we? Who is Justin Trudeau’s daddy? Some say it is Fidel Castro, the 6’3″ tall man who established communism in Cuba and became its dictator for life. Some

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Comparing Justin Trudeau to Nicolae Ceaușescu

Who is this Nicolae Ceaușescu? Nicolae Ceaușescu, like Trudeau, was a communist dictator. He and his wife Elena, ruled Romania for about 24 years, with an iron fist. Under their rule, the economic and human rights conditions in Romania were severely eroded;

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New footage of Parliamentarians in Europe rebuking Trudeau

“He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania.” – MEP Tehres Mislav Kolakusic | Croatian Member of the European Parliament & a former judge (2 min) Cristian-Vasile Terheș | Romanian Member of the European Parliament Speaking of Trudeau, Tehrhes says “He’s like Ceaușescu

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