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Halma, Plothe & Trozzi | mRNA harms and DNA contamination

A WCH Health Science Committee Special Report Before covid-19 there was scant human research for mRNA “vaccines”, but terrible results. Also, classical (non-genetic) coronavirus vaccine experiments revealed grave danger and poor performance in animals and humans. Now large amounts of

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Dr Christof Plothe | Sugar Secrets & Shrinking Brains

Life changing insights for all of us, especially for diabetics. Did you know that sugar is 8 times as addictive as cocaine? That obesity comes with a smaller physical brain and fewer brain cells? That artificial sweeteners still stimulate insulin,

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

The advice of the Godfather of Medicine is eternally valid. I mean the Godfather of real medicine, honest medicine: Hippocrates.

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12 minutes with Gareth Icke

12 minute interview with Gareth Icke: my early covid story, the SV40 and DNA invasion, assault on fertility, biowarefare, and how injuries are being ignored.

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