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Justice For Medicine

Please help end crimes-against-humanity, that are being carried out under the banner of “our health and well-being” by donating to Justice for Medicine today.

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The Trozzi Report EP4 | JUSTICE for the Vaxxed

Coercion, deception, crime, war, slavery, justice, freedom and medical science. With Dr Hoffe, Dr Malthouse, and Chris Vleck On October 06, 2022 I was blessed to get to chat with Dr Charles Hoffe, Dr Stephen Malthouse, and Chris Vleck; while

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Justice for the Vaccinated

Dr Charles Hoffe, Dr Stephen Malthouse, & Cris Vleck Bright Light News Reports: Drs. Charles Hoffe & Stephen Malthouse, Canadian doctors vilified for daring to uphold their oath and share the truth about Covid-19 “vaccines,” join co-founder Cris Vleck,, to

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Dr Feintuch: Bring the FDA to justice

Protect children from these madmen. Stop their crimes, carnage and a one hundred year plague. Dr Feintuch sees the synergistic danger of the SARS COV2 gain of function virus, and the genetic injections. He’s calling out the perpetrators south of the border

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History of Justice: Mussolini

While we have endured the covid-crimes-against-humanity, some intensely dark political figures have arisen. These are the new dictators; enemies of the people, enemies of human rights and freedom. Crime Minister Trudeau has become famous around the world as a human rights

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Epigenetics, Justice, and a unique anonymous tirade

54 second call for justice + great anonymous tirade + an inspirational paradigm shift from the father of epigenetics. US Attorney Thomas Lenz strong brief admonishment that we must not be distracted by the latest fear-porn and lying of the

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