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Dr Sucharit Bhakdi’s Urgent Message

Why the covid “vaccines” can never work. How they are destoying human lives. Microscopic images from autopsies. A call to come together, be human again, and overcome the covid psychopaths. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is a world-renowned virologist and professor of

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Expert Dr Sucharit Bhakdi | Why the Injections Are No Good

Zero benefit. Severe harms. Infertility. Cumulative danger. Concise and clear explanations by top virologist and immunologist Dr Sucharit Bhakdi. Halt the injections; arrest the perpetrators. There is nothing subtle about how ineffective and dangerous the so-called “covid-19 vaccines” are. The

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Dr Sucharit Bhakdi | Intense New Material

The So-called “vaccine” has “no benefit whatsoever… but has the capacity over a million pathways to kill you… This looks premeditated” This looks premeditated In a concise new video, Dr Bhakdi explains that the so-called “vaccines” are “agents that have

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