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Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi cleared of ridiculous criminal charges


  1. Genetically Transformed Forever” – Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi.The Great Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi Weighs In on Reverse Transcription and DNA Plasmids + “Why We Must Unite Behind Prof Bhakdi on the 23rd of May!” – WCH
  2. More Professor Sucharit Bhakdi
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  1. They are Druids at the top of the NWO. & Druids = Human sacrifice.

    Canaanite/Egyptians = Druids/Judaism = Zion or NWO
    They as in Rothschilds/Vatican/City of London have setup the UN WHO WEF as instruments of our enslavement into the Beast 666 system.
    They lie about the true meaning of Freemasonry as per below.
    Free – ma – son
    Osiris – Isis – Horus
    Con – Radicalize – Tactical deracination

  2. As I study this NWO, and have been in a serious and disciplined way, I realize that psychology has more and more to do with it. An understanding of psychology will give us the understanding we need. I’ve studied psychopathy and read Cleckley, as well as many others. The thing about the psychopath is that they have a lower aversion to self-harm than normal. It’s almost as if the psychopath will saw off the branch he is sitting on as long as someone else is with him and he gets to see them fall. There is the psychology of cults and the “mother wit” that Kant talks about in CPR – Understanding can be taught but reason cannot. How is it that someone can possess such poor reasoning abilities as to sign an open contract (ie freemasonary, other gnostic cults)? So, I think there may be a large number of well-paid and educated professionals that do not have the reason necessary to question what they are doing. They depend on others for this. It may be that people who are poor in reason but great in understanding will have the ruling positions in the NWO – if any of us are left. Doctors and cops are likely the most qualified to talk about this.

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